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"Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available" - Jim Beggs


My name is Joanna. I am a Polish girl living in Ireland since August 2004. I have studied International Hospitality Management in DIT in Dublin. 

I have lived in the United States for 2 years, in Boston & New York. I strongly believe I have left my heart in New York and I hope I will get to live there someday again. 

New York is what inspired me to start my blog, as the fashion and lifestyle out there is beyond anything I have ever seen. 

I love to travel the world and explore, hence why I chose Portugal for our wedding. Even with 42 degrees on the day, it was the most magical day of our lives.

I love shabby chic, as well as lovely girly things, but when I am tired or in a bad mood tracksuit bottoms are my best friends. I don't eat chocolate or take milk in my tea, but I could definitely inhale a bag of jellies on my own. 

I am always on a hunt for new things, therefore you will notice my blog may not always have a "pattern" as I like to share everything that I come across on daily basis & that I think you guys my like. 

Hope you enjoy reading it & all feedback is welcome xoxo

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